" My husband Dan & I would like to tell you how much Janice Mann of Canine Contentment has helped us with our rescued rough collie, Tonto. When we adopted Tonto, at age 2, he was more than likely an outside dog. Very skittish and frightened of inside noises and sudden moves, wanted to only go in his 4 "safe zones" he liked in our home. We thought that by closing off these areas, he would have to get used to noises and movements. But we were wrong. We loved him so much, we enlisted Jan's help. She has such patience, not only with animals, but their humans as well. What we were doing was so wrong. Jan taught us all that we needed to let Tonto make his own choices. She made it fun for him to come to us, with "get it" games, and taught us that we had to go slowly with him, after all, these were traits he had for a long time. It has taken a lot of patience and time, and training and help from Jan, that we are now, 8 months later, realizing the benefits to her methods. He now will come out of his safe zone on his own, tail wagging , looking for us and lying down on his mat and will even go up to strangers that come into our home. He now plays with toys, squeaky ones, which before Jan, would send him into a tizzy. Jan's method of behavior modification WORKS!! Slow, sure and steady, all in time. We loved him so much and wouldn't give up on him and with Jan's help, he is now an active part of our family! "
Gerri and Dan A.